2007 | 13:30 (excerpt)

Buka is a psychological short film about a young woman living in (real or imagined) isolation.
The film is trying to capture the particular state of mind one can experience in loneliness, fear and depression. Working with movements, location and symbols rather then text Buka isfollowing film’s tradition of using non-verbal methods of expression.

About the location:
The location is a loft of a hundred years old building, which expresses the kind of „psychological space“ we wanted. Marta worked out the character through movements, costumes, some symbolic narrative and choreography. It resulted in a staged, but unscripted/unrehearsed film developed scene by scene on set.

The soundtrack is written by three Hungarian musicians with a history of working relationship with Marta Ladjanszki. The music is based on recordings of live improvisations inspired by the film. Their aim was to open a „door“ into Buka’s (Marta’s) head and make it possible to hear all those strange noises. Their percussion dominated experimental music based on the sounds of varied objects from their „library“ vary from traditional instruments to little metal gadgets, toy instruments and plastic sticks.

Director, editor: Boldizsar Csernak-Risko
Choreography by Marta Ladjanszki
Performer: Marta Ladjanszki
Director of Photography: Balazs Lajti
Music: Zsolt Hammer, Adam Javorka, Zsolt Varga
Special contributor: Riskó Lili
Graphic design: Irina Rusakova
Special thanks to Csernák Péter and Riskó Ágnes for the Kuruclesi street space.
Production Year 2007
Running time: 13:30

Márta Ladjánszki
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