2007 | 05:00 (excerpt)

One room. One lonely woman. Two mood. Two dance. One of them is dumb. An the other?
Dance film “Shhh!” gives a voice and space to the dumbness of lonely passion. And where does it happens? In London! In New York! In Budapest!…

Director: Kristóf  Szabó
Camera: András Ridovics
Choreography by Andrea Nagy
Dance: Andrea Nagy
Music: Makám: Gyöngyvirág
Make-up: Krisztián Makkai
Hair:  Emese Kasza
Costumes: Hepp,
Space, furnitures:  András Fugerth/ FORMA,
Subtitle by Ernst Süss
Assitant: Dávid Kiss
Production Company: Ewe Posa
Production year / Duration: 2007 / 5′