TÁNCFILM.hu is part of a complex dance film project initiated by Parallel Art Foundation, Budapest, Hungary.

Aim of the project is to raise attention to the art of dance film in Hungary; to inform professionals and the public about productions and projects by Hungarian artists; to facilitate the presence of Hungarian dance film at major national and international festivals; and by organising screenings to introduce the latest international dance film productions.

TÁNCFILM.hu is a curatorial project to collect and share dance film productions made in Hungary or by Hungarian artists. Interpreting dance film in a wider context, fashion and music videos, video art works focusing on movements and the human body are also fit in the selection.

Parallel Art Foundation is open to collaboration initiatives by dance organisations and film festivals for screenings and artist exchange.

Gábor Pintér, dance film expert is the curator of TÁNCFILM.hu.


The launch of TÁNCFILM.hu and the related DVD releases were supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.



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